What PTI should do to focus their Civil Disobedience on PML-N machinery without alienating the voters.

Here’s a simple list of thing:

1. Protest and blockade at:
a) Ministerial offices
b) PML-N offices
c) PML-N office bearers, MNAs, MPAs offices and residences

Don’t break the law. Don’t attack the offices. Don’t attack the law enforcement personnel. Just be there and make noise! Lots of noise! Sing, dance, read poetry, recite Qur’aan. Do everything but get physically engaged or drawn into a conflict.

2. Flash mobs lasting no more than 30 minutes at:
a) Major commercial areas
b) Major road junctions and transportation hubs like the railway stations, bus stations etc.

3. Create local neighbourhood committees to maintain law and order and to undermine the authority and to act as proxy of local police forces. These committees should also conduct patrols and facilitate emergency services.

These activities should be enough to start challenging the mental resolve of the individuals in power. Spread the word and the spirit of justice and freedom in Pakistan.


Olympics football – Arsenal’s amateur heroes

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The past few weeks have been partly about celebration. Celebrating the gold winning exploits in the World Cup of our three proud German Gooners, and who knows, by the end of the transfer window this may yet turn out to be four German Gooners. Hush, hush!

Along the way, the Germans overcame the French team that included three Gooners, one of whom has since left Arsenal to be promptly replaced by another one at the same position.

Together, we were enthralled by the fantastic performances by our new Chilean Gooner, our as-good-as-new Costa Rican superstar, and maybe even the Colombian Gooner. Hush, hush! The singleton Gooners on the Belgian and Swiss squads had decent campaigns. Overall, quite a lot to celebrate then! No wonder Gooners around the world are going around with their grins spreading ear to ear.

At the same time, there were sombre thoughts as well, not least…

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We’re desserting on peace

As images are toppings

For our news reports

And turn away from

A civil regard for life.

Men of gods claim divinity,

Blood and soul,

Each feasting on my mind,

Nibbling with silver spoons

And sipping gold chalices,

They say it is for our own good.

Their robes shroud and swallow sanity

And the bearers of Truths

Purvey no justice.

Flip the channel!

Fear is just anchors away.

Noob in front

Of the boob tube,

Whispering under breath:

It’s not me this time!

It’s not me this time!


Advice from a Copywriter

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Thanks to Colin Quinn, Copywriter at BooneOakley and VCU Brandcenter alum, I have a clearer idea of how to move forward with my Brandcenter application. Since this new information is giving my brain a chaotic swirl of new advertising puzzles to solve, I figured I should keep it as simple as possible by creating a list of his main points:

1. Think conceptually. Don’t simply solve the problem you believe to have right before you. Use all of the skills that you have acquired and all of your experiences and observations to come up with an idea that creates a holistic solution. Write for a campaign and with all of the pieces of that campaign in mind, even if the judges only see one print ad.

2. Write within the nature of the brand. Stay true to the brand’s underlying character. A helpful way to do this is to think…

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10 Things not to say to someone from Pakistan


11. “So, you guys get around on camels or what?”

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Assalamolaikum ji

I grew up in Pakistan. In my travels across the world, I have encountered many a misconception about my home-country. We’re everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood failed state if Fox News is to believed, and I was amazed at how shocked people were that an actual living, breathing product of the dark side of the moon was stood there talking to them.

Here are some of the weirdest things people have said when they learn where I come from.

1)   Wow! Your English is really good?

This is the commonest comment anyone from Pakistan will hear the first time they have a conversation with someone. People are astonished that anyone from Pakistan, let alone a woman, can speak, read and write completely fluent English. The world expects us to either be the frothy-mouthed zealots or mini mart owners they see on TV.

English schooling systems are the main setup…

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