Oldie but goldie, Poetry

I have never been

This alone in my life!

So forgive me

For not sharing your enthusiasm

When you discuss that clear blue

Sky up above,

Or the roses in spring,

Or the birds that sing

In the cage in your house,

Because I am thinking about

The dark corner of my cell,

Hiding those leggy spiders.

Forgive me for

Not sharing your enthusiasm

Because I can’t smile like

The lovers sharing lovely

Chit-chat on their cell-phones,

Staring at each other

Across the expanse of social

Boundaries and norms, yet

One in harmonious joy.

I have bars in my windows,

Chains around my feet,

Of words, Not mine!

Of thoughts, Not mine!

Of norms, Not mine!

Of desire, Not mine!

Of will, Not mine!

Of hope, Cursed Hope!

Murderous Hope, Not mine!

So forgive me for

Not sharing your enthusiasm.

I have a life, you may not

Care to share.





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