The Maserati Quattroporte S: Review


Something black, shiny, fast & sexy!

There it stood, black, with tiny flecks of silver in it, and sexy, gleaming in the
2010_maserati_quattroporte_sport_gt_s_13_1024x768morning sunlight in the driveway, as a servant massaged it’s black coat with a polish. For a minute, I just stood there marvelling at the Silver Trident marque on the car’s side.

It isn’t the most high-tech car on the planet, but it is one of the most sophisticated and exciting cars. Whenever the Italians are given a free range in matters of automotive engineering and design, the resulting blend is a brilliant work of art. The Maserati Quattroporte S is no exception. The name is quite a tongue twister for us Paksitanis. In Italian, it means “four-door”, or simply, “a car with four doors”. Hardly a fancy name like Lambourghini’s Gallardo, named after a Spanish fighting bull. Maserati Quattroporte was named thus because, before it, all Maseratis were two-door coupés with a lot of muscle under the sleek, yet, tasteful skin.

maserati-quattroporte-sport-gts-07The first thing you notice about Maserati Quattroporte S is its sleek, sensuous styling, courtesy of Pininfarina, the legendary Italian auto design house responsible for several classics for the likes of Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Cadillac and Alfa Romeo, to name a few.

The interior is minimalist, unlike any other high-end luxury car, with minimal instrumentation. The media player doesn’t look very impressive but packs a decent punch. The chrome-rimmed blue gauges, speedometer and RPM dials reflect the classical racing Maserati pedigree. Overall, the interior doesn’t seem as impressive as that of a BMW 7-series or a Mercedes 500S, but Maserati maserati-quattroporte-sport-gts-09Quattroporte S wasn’t made with creature comforts in mind. That is, it isn’t for old men who like to leave all fun to their chauffeurs while they sit in the back reading the Dawn or the Business Recorder. No. It was made for someone who enjoys a good muscular ride which has a personality of its own.

Beneath its elongated hood, lies a monster Ferrari 4.7L V-8 425 BHP engine that will take your breath away as soon as you hear the engine roar to life. maserati-quattroporte-sport-gts-05The DuoSelect 6-speed transmission with steering-mounted floppy pedals make gear changes even faster, but take a bit getting used to. Blend the above two with a responsive, Maserati trademark, “Skyhook” adjustable suspension, you get a very nimble and fast 2 ton behemoth that handles better than most coupés. The last thing you notice about a Maserati is that it is fast.

Overall, it’s a beautiful, performance-oriented Italian luxury car endowed with ample power to excite and entertain. This splendid four-door with an attitude will speak to you like few other sedans can.

2010_maserati_quattroporte_sport_gt_s_12_1024x768Nobody makes fast cars like the Italians. They set your pulse racing the moment you set your eyes on them. That, my friend, is a fact that even the Germans can’t argue against, despite their exactitude, and the Americans can, only, aspire to be, with their garish muscle cars. I can tell you first hand, that when you see that silver grille with a Trident on it, you’re one of the few to have seen a Maserati in Lahore. If you’ve had a ride on one, you’re even luckier.


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