My ever losing battle with….procrastination


Damn! That’s my story!


Have you ever wondered where the desire to procrastinate comes from?? I can’t really tell when was the moment I realized that I’m just getting by instead of doing. I have a very big problem with procrastination, heck I’m doing it now! I should be working on some office reports but instead I’m thinking about all the other stuff I have to do and when I get home I do nothing.

The TV has a power over me, it can disarm me at any moment [especially if there’s a puppy commercial] and also keep me from doing the very things I was fantasizing about doing at work. So in the end I get no work done or I don’t complete all the things on my “to do” list.


I long to be the kind of person that is so motivated that they are able to get up at 6AM, exercise, cook…

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