For Sarah.


We walked a mile together
And then you turned away
To chastise the demons
That haunted you
with every breath
That filled your lungs,
Dancing to the drum like
Pulse of your heart.
And now,
You are beyond
This realm we cherish
More than our lives;
Beyond the demons,
And friends, and hope.
I wish I could see you
One last time,
But the Vanquisher’s utterance
Won’t be taken back.
So cruel is my Creator;
Takes the sunshine
From those who shiver
In barren wastelands
Of our time;
Takes the best first,
And leaves the worst
As a curse unto us;
To inflict sufferance unto us
For we deserved
To loose a gem
That had value only
To those who saw it shine.
My ears hear your voice no more,
Perhaps, only in my mind
I shall see
Your sad, sad smile again,
That gave me hope,
As you kept none for yourself.


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