The Exile’s Song.

Poetry, War

Some day soon, I’ll touch the Sky,

When Sadness is gone and forgotten.

Someday soon I’ll fly to the Mountains,

To the times of Peace, long forgotten.

The Will shall triumph

In washing away a thousand years of Sorrow.

The Promises of Blood and Honor,

Shall return me to my Land tomorrow.

In the wilderness of this unfriendly dust,

Still waters of Hope never yield.

The Lost Souls of Exiled Patriots

Yearn for burials in home fields.

The wild horses of Life

Linger between Images and Identities.

Lieutenants of Lucifer with Hell’s might

Stand between Freedom and mirthless entities.

Life, like Delilah, cheats the Brave.

Cheats the Valiant, the Noble, the Swains.

And the Specter of Death never relents,

Never fades like the memories of Fallen Rains.

When the Dust of my Land summons me,

An Angel of Lord shall fly me Home

To the deathless vistas, to the serene deserts,

To the Lost, but Unforgotten, my Home.

There, I shall die like Unsung Heroes.

The Heroes who sanctified the Dust

With the Blood of their veins and Dreams.

For Death is Eternal, but Desire a must.


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