What PTI should do to focus their Civil Disobedience on PML-N machinery without alienating the voters.


Here’s a simple list of thing:

1. Protest and blockade at:
a) Ministerial offices
b) PML-N offices
c) PML-N office bearers, MNAs, MPAs offices and residences

Don’t break the law. Don’t attack the offices. Don’t attack the law enforcement personnel. Just be there and make noise! Lots of noise! Sing, dance, read poetry, recite Qur’aan. Do everything but get physically engaged or drawn into a conflict.

2. Flash mobs lasting no more than 30 minutes at:
a) Major commercial areas
b) Major road junctions and transportation hubs like the railway stations, bus stations etc.

3. Create local neighbourhood committees to maintain law and order and to undermine the authority and to act as proxy of local police forces. These committees should also conduct patrols and facilitate emergency services.

These activities should be enough to start challenging the mental resolve of the individuals in power. Spread the word and the spirit of justice and freedom in Pakistan.



5 thoughts on “What PTI should do to focus their Civil Disobedience on PML-N machinery without alienating the voters.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I found your About quite interesting, and would’ve liked to comment on it, but apparently, comments are not-allowed.
    Anyway, this is one honest and to-the-point suggestion that the PTI could consider, but it would require mobilization at a much greater level. You think they can manage that?

    1. It’s a good thing they can’t do it. The PMLN hierarchy is spooked beyond what I had imagined. They go postal at the site of PTI protesters.
      I’m pretty sure PTI would’ve found it hard to muster up solid number for a prolonged siege of PMLN “leaders” homes and offices. Sadly, all of us Pakistanis don’t have the stomach for prolonged struggles, especially if they’re dangerous. 🙂

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