History, Poetry, Politics, War

We’re desserting on peace

As images are toppings

For our news reports

And turn away from

A civil regard for life.

Men of gods claim divinity,

Blood and soul,

Each feasting on my mind,

Nibbling with silver spoons

And sipping gold chalices,

They say it is for our own good.

Their robes shroud and swallow sanity

And the bearers of Truths

Purvey no justice.

Flip the channel!

Fear is just anchors away.

Noob in front

Of the boob tube,

Whispering under breath:

It’s not me this time!

It’s not me this time!



One thought on “Today.

  1. Hi Imran. Beautiful Expressions! Thanks for following my blog, Inspiring Evolution. Hope to see you there often. You write really well. Your words create a beautiful visual picture. Keep it up. Stay connected! Happy evolving!

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