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Advertising's Inferno

Thanks to Colin Quinn, Copywriter at BooneOakley and VCU Brandcenter alum, I have a clearer idea of how to move forward with my Brandcenter application. Since this new information is giving my brain a chaotic swirl of new advertising puzzles to solve, I figured I should keep it as simple as possible by creating a list of his main points:

1. Think conceptually. Don’t simply solve the problem you believe to have right before you. Use all of the skills that you have acquired and all of your experiences and observations to come up with an idea that creates a holistic solution. Write for a campaign and with all of the pieces of that campaign in mind, even if the judges only see one print ad.

2. Write within the nature of the brand. Stay true to the brand’s underlying character. A helpful way to do this is to think…

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