Janet Echelman begins installation of 745-foot aerial sculpture in Vancouver: A making-of gallery


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@JanetEchelman_Vancouver_Site A rendering of Janet Echelman’s soon-to-be sculpture, sponsored by Autodesk, outside TED2014. She collaborated with Aaron Koblin on the interactive artwork, powered by Google. “From blocks away, you will see some mysterious form floating in the sky,” says Echelman. “In the day, it’s very subtle, blending in with clouds and sky. At night, it comes alive with illumination and some surprises.” Image: Janet Echelman rendering

Janet Echelman is installing her new sculpture as we speak. Not in a gallery or on a pedestal, but instead soaring over the middle of downtown Vancouver. The installation involves cranes, hard hats and anchor points engineered atop two buildings: a 24-story hotel and the Vancouver Convention Centre where TED2014 will be held.

“After three years of work, it’s hard to believe it’s finally becoming real,” says Echelman. “It’s the first test of my sculpture woven into the city at this scale.”

[ted_talkteaser id=1164]Echelman’s sculpture…

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