The Marketing Dude

We all make mistakes.

Sending a postcard with the wrong house number in the address, or forgetting someone’s birthday is something we’ve all been guilty of at some point.

However, there are some mistakes that should never be made, especially by those who are paid precisely so that those mistakes never occur.

Copywriters are paid – whether freelance or on contract – to write error-free text that will sell a product or service. That is the bottom-line definition of this profession.

Note the two key words in that definition: ‘paid’ and ‘error free’. When a customer sees your brochure, website or any other collateral that has mistakes in its text, they aren’t going to blame your copywriter. They’re simply going to think your product or service quality is as poor as the grammar, spelling and punctuation in the text they just read.

Below are the top mistakes to avoid when…

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