Digital Humans.

Poetry, Politics

I’m a paper card

Selling dreams to you

Because I know them

To be untrue for me.

I’m a plastic card

Or bound papers to you

Without which I would not be me.

What am I to you?

What are you to me?

Faces on a piece of paper,

Just a number in your phone memory.

Special moments are locked up

In your pockets, in your cells.

Everything you want to know

A click soon tells.

Sprockets, widgets and applications

Talk about simplification of communication

But, you never really talk to me.

But, you never really smile at me.

Simpler times,simpler things happened,

Now, just talk clogs the lines.

And songs, they just refuse to rhyme.

Maybe I belong in a simpler time.


One thought on “Digital Humans.

  1. Your poetry is interesting. There’s a sense of stepping back, observing and capturing the awkward reality of a moment in life. I loved the bit …’Special moments are locked up in you pockets, in your cells’. Nice play on the words. Anyway, thank you for the follow on my blog. Much appreciated!

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