A Rare Image Of Pak-US Relations

This image shows what was right and wrong about the Pakistani-American alliance over the past century.

MARIA QURAISHI | Wednesday |  02-May- 2011 | Photo Courtesy Col. Riaz Jafri

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan–Without a question, this image shows how warm were ties between Pakistan and the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. This was a time when Pakistan voluntarily joined the US camp against Soviet Union and committed itself to offer military support to weaker pro-US regimes in the Middle East.

At considerable risk to itself, Islamabad even allowed American spy planes to fly from an airbase near Peshawar in northwest Pakistan. The Soviets downed one of them, exposing Pakistani complicity in an unprovoked act of aggression against a neighbor. A senior Soviet leader at the time warned to wipe Pakistan off of the face of the earth.

During these years, the international dispute over…

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