I think.

Lahore, Oldie but goldie, Poetry

My world is a desert island.
I am its sole inhabitant, I think,
Because no one here
Speaks my tongue!
And I don’t speak theirs
Just to get even with them
For their ignorant neglect.
Thus, I starve me for vengeance.
I smile and I cry.
I think they think I am mad.
They dance and revel and laugh!
I think I think they’re mad.
Nah! I don’t care much for them.
I think the whole lot of them
Is a huge cabbage patch.
Lucky for them, I am not a vegetarian.
Alas, there are more cabbages around
Than those willing to eat them!
And not a soul to speak my tongue!
Hmmmmm! I think I should Nah!
I ought to feed this cabbage patch
To some stripped cows that live in the jungle!
Nah! They are already too few here,
And they’d probably get indigestion.


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