And tell her, “It’s all a lie!”

Oldie but goldie, Poetry

Torn between the horses
Of decency & lust, I.
Whenever she asks me if I love her,
I look into her eyes & lie
& say that all we have is pure,
Untainted, virgin sacrosanct. So pure
Unlike the air we breathe
In & out & in again.
Lying never used to cause much pain
Until she came along.
Hardly do I feel confident or strong
Enough to look her in the eye
& tell her, “It’s all a lie!”
I would sing & dance,
Always hoping for a chance,
Never believing for a micro second
That I, yes, I could be wrong
In guessing whatever lay beyond the bend,
Until she came along,
& wrecked the stupendous spell with something tragic
With her own dark brand of magic,
That leaves me hurting as I lie,
Barely knowing this strangely hideous guy
Staring back at me in her eye.



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