Gravity Binds Me.

Oldie but goldie, Poetry

After the Days Wrath and Treason,

Without Happiness that fills you with Delight

I want to explode onto your horizon

And fill your Life with Light.

Like a Massive Meteorite,

Skirting the Zenith of your sight,

In a Glorious display of Light,

To forever be cherished by your Sprite.

A Blaze of glory, but a Perpetual story,

Of our Unbound Passion and ability,

In a world that is Dark and Hoary,

A tale of Virtual Immortality.

Not just a Tale for a Night’s pleasure,

Do I ever wish to be,

Of Glory of the Decimator’s Magnificence,

And my Destruction, a sight to see.

For I wish to be the Sun

In the perpetuity of Life and Time.

Succor after your Darkest Hours.

Deliverance from this bleak dreary Rhyme.

All for Eternity in the Arms of Memory.

An Eternity before the Arms of Sleep.

An Eternity before the Night becomes Me.

An Eternity, for Eternity is to Keep.

I want to explode onto your Horizon,

Coloring Life into your Wintry Seasons,

Before Nether Bliss finds me and Grinds me.

On the Wings of Hope, Gravity Binds Me.


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