Winds of change.

Kaee Chicharr, Poetry

The winds of change

They blow too close to my home

But never knock down the walls that entomb me

partly because I built the walls

with my own blood & sweat

To keep me from facing the Truth

that all must share & bear

the burden of ambition equally

& the ones who don’t

are to be left by the wayside

for the sands of time to swallow.

The tide, they tell me, of passion is rising.

frothing & chomping at the bits

to charge these very walls roughshod

& tear them apart brick by brick.

But then again, there are too many

bits in too many mouths,

gagging & quietening too many tongues,

with no fair & steady hand at the reigns

as ravenous tumult tops the desires of most

in a time when sanity is cowardice.

For the revolutionaries of my time.


2 thoughts on “Winds of change.

  1. winds of change, wow.
    keep it blowing.
    welcome to poets rally.

    have fun reading.
    let us know after you are done 18 comments.,


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