The Mosque of Dai Anga


I had heard & read about this Dai Anga’s Masjid, but when I asked my father about it, he was as confused about its location as I was. I had looked for it earlier, on Christmas day in December, last year with my cousins, Omar & Zakaria, who were over for holidays from the “frigid northern extremes of the Yankeeland” (that’s what I call Ohio), but no cigar. Partly because we were looking for it in the WRONG PLACE! i.e. north of the Lahore Railway station near the Landa Bazar area. A little more research online revealed my idiocy & I, finally, made the effort of going to look for it on Sunday, May 5th, 2011, with my friends/cousins Ahmer & Khurram.

I was elated to find Dai Anga’s Mosque & found it to be in remarkable condition on the outside, with the mosaics & frescoes reminding me of the style amply familiar to me thanks largely to Masjid Wazir Khan. But, my joy was short-lived as I entered the prayer hall. Most times, when you go to such Mughal era structures, you tend to expect some damage to the structure & the original frescoes, caligraphies, mosaics, pietra dura or the traditional terracotta grilles. That can be expected because of the age of the structure, use/abuse by the Sikh/British regimes, neglect/abuse by locals etc. but you don’t expect to walk into a centuries old building to find that some of the original plaster, along with frescoes, ripped off & replace by cement & shiny-white ceramic bathroom tiles. I was appalled. But I guess, things change with time. But, I do hope that some bigwig in the government reads this & does something to protect this historical treasure from fading into oblivion.

For more accurate information about the history of this beautiful building, visit:

Along with the pix of the mosque, I’m attaching a map to help you get to the place. I assure you that it’s still quite a site to see.


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