Time Magazine distroting the Truth in Raymond Davis Case.

Kaee Chicharr

It’s really hard for me to swallow that a publication like Time can fall prey to CIA’s/US State Department’s drivel on what they’re doing across the globe in 3rd world countries. The information presented as facts regarding the Raymond Davis case are distorted beyond recognition. Mr. Davis for one, isn’t a diplomat & wasn’t involved in any activity which can be called diplomatic in nature when he ran over one & shot 2 innocent individuals who were not linked to any intelligence or terrorist organization. Yes, he killed 3, not two as the US Government has the world believing.
It’s tragic the way facts are being distorted to suit the political or military objectives of the US, especially when reputable media outlets pick the side of the aggressors instead of choosing the high road of objectivity, impartiality & journalistic integrity.

Since the matter is sub judis, I feel that the media, especially the US media, should refrain from spreading disinformation about the matter & further causing diplomatic rifts between Pakistan & the US.

You can check out their piece on the case U.S. Diplomat Could Bring Down Pakistan Govt.

Do give them a piece of your mind on the matter to make sure that they know that they cannot dupe everyone all the time



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