Shadow boxing with imaginary blasphemers in a ‘republic of fear’ (via citizensfordemocracy)


I like the metaphor, but its a sad reality. Some Pakistani people, in their need to stand out or gain respect/stature in their communities, use religion, since most people feel that a person close to God can do no wrong. But world history points out many such people who used religion & defiled it. Being a mostly illiterate society, the religious leaders often abuse the “power of knowledge” to manipulate the poor ignorant masses. The Catholics have been doing for centuries like many other “faiths” across the globe.
The only way out for Pakistan & the world is to educate themselves about religion & the religions of others. This will not only ensure religious intolerance & bigotry is kept at a minimum, but also ensure that humanity is protected from the false interpretations & machinations of the organized religions, be they mullahs, rabbis, priest, monks or ayatollahs.

Analysis and chronology of recent moves to amend the controversial, man-made ‘blasphemy laws’ of Pakistan By Nasim Zehra Feb 3, 2011 The new aspect to Prime Minister’s announcement was that he had consulted Sherry Rehman and she had agreed to withdraw her Bill. As Sherry's statement posted here indicates, this was the PM's unilateral decision. Shery Rehman has also explained, such a move was unnecessary since the Bill was not even tabled. She als … Read More

via citizensfordemocracy


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